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“I have been practicing Family law for over 30 years. My practice for trial preparation and settlement negotiations requires an expertise in evaluating the financial aspects of the case.

On numerous occasions I have retained experts for financial analysis of tax records, auditing bank accounts and all other financial, related matters.

After having had the opportunity to use Mr. Muduryan on several, complex matters, I found him to be excellent in his integrity, professionalism and ability to quickly analyze data and disseminate his opinions and findings in such manner as to make it easy for me to explain it to other attorneys, my clients and the court.

Mr. Muduryan’s CPA credential enables me to have confidence in his integrity, objectivity, court demeanor, ability to testify, when required, and high level of financial acumen. His assistance in cases I handle is invaluable, and has enabled me to achieve improved settlements and favorable court rulings.

After having had the opportunity to use Mr. Muduryan as an expert witness, so long as he is available, he is and will be the choice of this office for cases needing an expert on financial matters.”

William G. Phillips – Attorney

“Cedric really helped me when I was going through the initial struggle with divorce and getting the numbers together. He is very professional, knowledgeable, considerate and helpful. He understands how personal a divorce is and how tough it can be. He truly cares about his clients and does everything he can to help and guide you. He helps you understand the ‘terms’ and is very patient. I have already recommended him to others for guidance and assistance with any of their tax needs.“

C. W. – Client

“I was referred to Cedric by my attorney to answer taxation questions that were impacting my divorce settlement. Cedric responded to me very quickly. He listened to my questions/issues and explained things in a way I could easily understand.

He gave me specific information about how unallocated family support was treated for tax purposes compared to child support and spousal support. He also clarified whether a Form 1099 would have to be completed for any of the support payments. He even helped answer questions I had on my tax return, even though he wasn’t getting paid to prepare it.

I would recommend him to anyone who isn’t getting all the answers they need from their attorney or anyone else when it comes to their divorce.”

M. K. – Client

“Cedric has commendable expertise and knowledge in divorce financials and he is a good listener who grasped everything I said so right on. What I found most valued is, he is not just understanding and compassionate, but he was also willing to work with me in great detail even when I had not yet become his client. It is really refreshing to see someone honest and NOT greedy at all in today’s age and time. He also has helped me with the financial accounting of my small business, yet again explaining everything in detail with the examples making sure I understand and know what I’m doing. Thank you so much Cedric, I greatly appreciate all your effort and help!”

R. P. – Client

“My family law attorney recommended I consult a tax attorney and my brother recommended Mr. Muduryan. There were issues with the filing of a joint tax return with my ex-spouse. Mr. Muduryan was very helpful and understanding, he explained the different issues surrounding the tax return and even talked to my attorney to help clarify the issue.

He was quick to follow-up and answer any additional questions I had. What would have been a difficult process was made much easier with the help of Mr. Muduryan. Thank you so much!”

T. H. – Client

“I was involved in a highly contested divorce, and my ex-spouse was making it very difficult to identify his true income. My attorney was having a difficult time obtaining all of the necessary financial information needed. He suggested that a financial expert would be necessary to seek, analyze, and essentially, make sense of all the financial information that would be necessary to help us understand what my ex-spouse’s assertions were in relation to his income.

He referred me to Divorce Financial Experts. Cedric informed me that income wasn’t the only issue of concern. We also had to consider expenses, assets and liabilities. He explained all of this in a way that I could understand and made sense to my attorney.

He was able to provide me and my attorney with a list of all the pertinent financial information we needed to obtain to better understand my ex-spouse’s income. After that, he provided us with projections that were easy to understand, which helped us attain a much better settlement for me than we would have achieved without him.

As it turned out, my ex-spouse was stating a very large amount of employer reimbursed expenses that were actually considered income according to IRS tax rules. This is nothing that my attorney or I would have ever considered, let alone found!

I really appreciate that my attorney referred me to Cedric, as he helped clarify my ex-spouse’s net income from all sources, along with saving me a lot of money in fees, since his hourly rate was much less than my attorney’s. Another benefit was that he was able to help me understand my finances, along with helping me create a budget to be able to maintain an affordable lifestyle after my divorce was finalized.

I would recommend Cedric to anyone going through a divorce where finances are an issue. There are things that he found that my attorney and I never would have considered. He also is very well informed about the tax impact of all the financial issues involved with divorce. I wish I would have met him before I had started my divorce proceedings, because I would have been better informed about potential financial outcomes, while discussing strategy with my attorney. With the information Cedric was able to provide, my attorney and I were able to clearly focus on the best strategy going forward in no time!.”

J. W. – Client

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