Having a major life change?

Having a major life change?

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You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period with the Health Insurance Marketplace, or your current healthcare provider.

Divorce is a major life changing event, as any of us who have gone through one, or have a close friend or family member who’s gone through one knows. The Health Insurance Marketplace considers divorce a major life changing event, as well.  This enables individuals to potentially obtain coverage for themselves and their children after they have been divorced.

Our children are our #1 priority and that is even more evident when we are contemplating, or going through a divorce. It’s good to know that we can obtain affordable, quality medical insurance coverage for our loved ones after we are divorced regardless of our employment status.

This is one of many potential solutions that are available to divorcing couples that many people aren’t aware of, or overlook. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) possesses the skill and knowledge to provide you with information on all the financial issues impacted by a divorce.

Contact Divorce Financial Experts for more information and assistance regarding qualifying major life changing events, financial ramifications and income tax consequences/benefits that occur due to divorce.

Knowledge is power, and that most definitely applies to divorce!

Cedric Muduryan

Cedric Muduryan began his career in accounting, and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1996. He has also obtained his qualification as a mediator in Illinois and as a financial member of collaborative law teams. Cedric’s most recent credential is the newly introduced title of Accredited Divorce Financial Analyst (ADFA).

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