Back to Buying: Americans’ Spending Habits Change after Recession.

A new report shows seven years after the beginning of the great recession, American shoppers are finally back and ready to spend. Consumer Reports’ senior projects editor Tod Marks joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss the spending trends.

Mr. Marks mentioned that home and auto purchases have increased due to the improvement of the economy.  He also mentioned that marriages and people having children are up. What many people may not know is that divorces have increased, as well.

Don’t let a divorce throw you into your own great recession!  Getting the best advice from a financial specialist will help you avoid many of the mistakes that can negatively impact your financial future after a divorce.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) possesses the skill and knowledge to provide you with information on all the financial issues impacted by a divorce.

Contact Divorce Financial Experts for more information and assistance regarding all of the financial ramifications and income tax consequences/benefits that occur due to divorce.

Knowledge is power, and that most definitely applies to divorce!


Cedric Muduryan

Cedric Muduryan began his career in accounting, and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1996. He has also obtained his qualification as a mediator in Illinois and as a financial member of collaborative law teams. Cedric’s most recent credential is the newly introduced title of Accredited Divorce Financial Analyst (ADFA).

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